Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Topic:Introduction to EntrepreneurshipDescription: [?]Preferred language style: English (U.S.)I am taking an ?Introduction to Entrepreneurship? and I am required towrite a business plan, but a simple one not like the real ones thatcontain about 40 pages, I am required to turn in a 8-pages businessplan that includes, the mission statement, executive summary and etc.I already thought about the business plan I would like you to writeabout, I will attach the file and based on the information in it youcan expand my ideas. After reading the attached file I would like youto take a look at those points as they may help you expand your ideas.1- I am considering is unique that is nobody else as far as I know isdoing it right now in the USA. 2- it is a non-profit organization. 3-The business will initially be located in Washington DC since everystudent that has earned the scholarship must go to the Embassy ofSaudi Arabia in there to do some required paper work before they leaveto the city they are going to study in. Also, the Saudi ArabianCultural mission is located in Washington DC, as well. 4- there is acouple of forums online for the most of the students in the USA. I canmake some Ads on them. 5- I can use facebook, twitter and etc. to makethe students know about my business. Before you start working on theproject which is not due until next week, I would like you to answerthose question since they are due the day after tomorrow on ThursdayMarch 25th by 7 pm (eastern time). After that you can take your timeworking on the other parts. This what is due after tomorrow (1.What isyour product or service?2. Describe your competition. What distinguishes your venture from thecompetition?3. What business are you in?4. What is the status of the business?5. What?s the business form: sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation? Why?6. Why is your business going to be profitable (or continue to grow)?7. Who are your customers? How many are there? Where are they?Also, Turn in your marketing plan. You need to identify the varioustarget market segments and how your product or service will besituated?explain how your product addresses the needs of itsspecific target market.Discuss (check for the help you need) market share and growth potential as well as the competitiveenvironment.You may use any sources you choose but be sure you cover the pertinentissues related to your marketing effort?you can use as many resources as you want.This website might be helpful for you you so much.See attachment.student_services.doc34KViewDownloadCategory: Business

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