Investigate the strategy of Billabong (Suff clothing company)

Investigate the strategy of Billabong (Suff clothing company)his assignment will investigate the strategy of Billabong (surf clothing company).Analyse the strategy of Billabong using the strategy tools we have discussed (Porter 5 Forces SWOT, Life Cycle, Ansoff Matrix and more).Discuss what is good and bad about this strategy.Next propose a focussed strategy for the next 12 months for Billabong.Your report should cover:Definition ofthe boundaries of the industry.What is happening in the industry in which this organisation is located (5 forces, life cycle) ? identify issues in the industry and explain how they are relevant to the formulation of strategy for this organisationWhat is happening in Billabong (SWOT, life cycle) ? identify issues relevant to the formulation of strategy for Billabong. Discuss the SWOT and try to connect a strength with opportunity.Discuss the issues identified above, what is important and what are the opportunities.Recommend a new strategy for Billabong and explain why this strategy should be adopted.!

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