Irish HumorProject instruction

Irish HumorProject instructions:1) Irish writers are known for using humor to cope with oppression. Citing at least three sources in support of your position, explain how the use of humor in Irish literature helps the country?s citizenry rise above the oppression of the Catholic Church, the British Crown, economic hardship and/or any other element.Synthesis instructions: Synthesize at least three academic sources (novel, play, myth, poem, secondary source, etc.) into a coherent, well written essay. Be sure to include at least one title covered in class this semester and at least one secondary source. You may use up to five sources.Within your three required sources, you must incorporate one example of secondary sourcing: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man James JoyceIn addition to the above, you may incorporate any of the films screened in class: Waking Ned Devine directed by Kirk Jones is a movie about a lottery winning in a poor neighborhood in Ireland, and the difficulties the community must overcome to get the money since the winner has died, making it extremely humorous. (See movie info in )!

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