Is Human Nature Inherently Violent

Anger is only one letter short of danger, yet it varies from angel by only one letter. Anger causes a great deal of harm. The question still remains, Is human nature inherently violent? Many arguments have been made to both support and invalidate this theory. As humans, we cannot escape the legacy of our evolutionary ancestors. On the other hand, we are also the most intelligent of all animals discrediting the idea that humans are inherently violent. Unlike animals, who rely on the fight or flight instinct humans have a third option which allows us to rationally resolve our problems. Perhaps we need to look deeper into the biblical day to find clues as to whether violence existed then and possible causes for that violence. Yet the bottom line remains that there are many things that make us angry. However anger can not have a reasonable excuse. It can not be justified. We can draw the conclusion that anger and violence have become first nature. Human beings are thought to be unavoidably violent creatures, like animals Red in tooth and clawed, if you will. Animals are aggressive. We can not escape the legacy of our evolutionary ancestors. Tales of war and cruelty and certain areas of the brain dominate human history. Particular hormones are linked to aggression, proving that through stimulation animals become violent. For example, if you alter an animals environment it seems to have a profound impact on the level of aggression of the animal. Another stimulant of animals aggression is simply killing to eat. As one can see it is inherent for animals to be violent there is no other way for them to survive. If animals didnt kill to eat, or kill to protect themselves they would be eaten as a part of the food chain. Certainly when we turn to human history we find an alarming number of aggressive behaviors, but we do not find reason to believe the problem is innate. We as humans posses the high…

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