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In many instances individuals neglect to acknowledge the importance of school and a higher education. The individuals who view education as their number one priority see staying in school is important. Why is it important? Is staying in school going to benefit the student/individual? In this essay I will explain why the literate arts are important and for what they are good. I will also give the opinions of others and what my views are. Richard Miller the writer of ? The Dark Night of The Soul? writes ? I have these doubts you see doubts silentlyIs Liberate Art A Way of Life shared by many who spend their days teaching others the liberate arts. Aside from gathering and analyzing information aside from generating critiques and analysis that forever fall on deaf ears what might the literate arts be said to be good for?? (424). I agree when Miller says that the doubts are silently shared by many people. Miller and Friere have specified their outlooks on specific parts of literate arts. The literate arts can be explained in a plethora of different ways. Friere explains Yet only through communication can human life hold meaning. The teachers? thinking is authenticated only by the authenticity of the students? thinking. The teacher cannot think for his/her students nor can she impose her thoughts on them. Authentic thinking thinking that is concerned about reality does not take place in ivory tower isolation but only in communication?(322). Communication allows the individual to express what could not express though other liberates. I feel that liberate arts are put to good use when expressing ones self. It teaches individuals/students different ways to get away from reality when everything is falling apart around them. To me without literate arts society would deteriorate. Reading writing and communication puts my brain to work and it puts others who think like me brains to work which is why they are important in education. Being literate helps students efficiently analyze what they read and write. When Miller reviews Amis? writing The Information? he explains that reading makes the student smarter and writing provides access to immortality and I agree with both statements. As I try to come up with a literary form that influences my way of thinking and captures me I seem not to be able to come up with just one. The thing that did constantly pop up in my head was my favorite television show The Ghost Whisperer.? You?re probably thinking What is The Ghost Whisperer? What does that television show have to do with your essay? How does it tie into the topic?? As it turns out it has a lot to do with my essay because it is another type of literate art. Television influences the mind of individuals just like reading writing and communication. In The Ghost Whisperer? the main character Melinda tries to deal with her day-to-day life while dealing with her supernatural powers and the ghosts with whom she has encounter. Although she goes through all of these things the main point is that she is human and goes through average person problems. Among the show?s storylines I tend to find myself relating to some of the situations that the characters face. From the show there was a quote that captured me the most. The quote that has captured me and influences me to refer to it on a daily basis; it comes from season five; episode eleven If you believe in happiness the way you believe in bad things you will find it.? This quote in my opinion has a powerful message within its self because life tends to make people think negatively depending on what people are going through. One has to stop thinking about everything that is going wrong and acknowledge what is going right. As I read The Dark Night of the Soul? by Richard E. Miller I found it to be an interesting read. He inquires why we read why we write and what might literate arts be said to be good for? In his essay he describes the school massacres that have occurred throughout the years. As he describes these events he asks a deeper question What is the point of continuing to read write and learn in the face of such underlying dangers. I think that with all that is happening individuals/students should continue with education because reading television writing and communication makes a difference in the lives of individuals around the world. The bottom line is that literary art has a way of touching students unexpectedly one way or another and students should not just throw the art away because of society?s perception. Works Cited Miller E. Richard. The Dark Night of the Soul?.Ways of Reading: An Anthology for Writers. 9th. David Bartholomae & Anthony Petrosky. Boston: Bedford St. Martin?s Press 2010. 420-442. Print. Dead Air.? The Ghost Whisperer. CBS. WWJ-TV New York City. 8 Jan. 2010. Television.”

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