Is Star Wars A Modern Day Fairytale

Nathan Cathey Marilyn McDowell English 102 March 30, 1999 Is Star Wars a Modern Day Fairy Tale? The Star Wars trilogy has been labeled as a groundbreaking science fiction, space opera, and swashbuckling adventure. But it is hardly ever recognized for what it truly is, a fairy tale. At first thought, it is difficult to acknowledge Star Wars as a fairy tale because of its label as a Science Fiction movie. One reason for this is the great special effects and technology that are exhibited throughout the movie, but the expanded Star Wars story seems to teach that technology is not essential for power. For example, the little Ewoks in Return of the Jedi managed to overpower the Imperial forces, in spite of the fact that they used wooden objects against gigantic Imperial Storm Walkers. Another reason why many people have trouble accepting Star Wars, as a true fairy tale is its format of being a movie. Most people find it hard to accept a fairy tale in any other form than a book with colorful pictures. However, what these people fail to recognize is that story telling was the major form of communication in civilizations long ago, but movies and television are now the way the majority of children learn their morals. Today, they learn from examples set by television and movie characters in the same way that the children of the past learned their moral lessons from characters in books. Therefore, the movie format of Star Wars is merely an adaptation of the old story telling ways associated with fairy tales; it is a way for a modern-day fairy tale to be presented to the children of today. However, because these storytellers lived in a past age, it has become difficult for us to believe that ‘true’ fairy tales can be written so close to our own lifetimes. This is another reason why Lucas’ Star Wars trilogy does not get the credit it deserves because of the disbelief of that there are not modern day fairy tales. But Star Wa…

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