Is Terrorism Effective?

Order DescriptionThe citation style needed is APSA*The research question can be altered if you believe it will help with the quality of the essay. A Minor alteration that would be acceptable, for example, would besomething like is terrorism against civilians effective. The definition of terrorism that I am using is the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit ofpolitical aims.This is only a research design. It is the exact same thing as a research paper, except it doesn?t have an abstract or a conclusion section. This paper?s format shouldbe as follows: an intro with my research question and its relevance; a literature review which reviews prior findings, this section is very dense and should touch ontheories relevant to the research question while identifying concepts and measures, along with controversies, disagreements, holes, and MUST identify the methods ofanalyzing data in each piece of literature analysis, should NOT be similar to an annotated bibliography MUST use a lot of published, peer reviewed, empirical citationsfor this paper; the final section should consist of methodology, identify the method of answering the research question, identify the steps, the way we measured it,data/ evidence collection, and the method of analysis.MUST HAVE MANY published, peer reviewed, scholarly citations. Must have some published peer reviewed, EMPIRICAL citations.The following link is the exact form this assignment should take, the abstract is optional.! :

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