Islamic History

Islamic HistoryWrite a coherent and well-argued essay based on one of the topic questions below.Based on this brief excerpt from his memoir, how would you evaluate Babur as:Turko-Mongol Military leader? Perso-Islamic ruler? Observer of Hindustan (north India)?Feel free to make comparisons to Ibn Battuta?s experiences if you wish.Your essay should exhibit standard formatting: double-spaced text, Times New Roman or equivalent, one-inch margins, page numbers on each page, yourname on each page, etc.Since the question can be answered with a variety of approaches, the approach you choose will be judged on the clarity, content, and effectiveness ofyour argument.Primary source essays will be graded on a credit/no-credit basis. In order to receive credit you must meet each of the following criteria:You must upload a copy of your essay at SafeAssign on RamCT by the beginning of class on Friday, November 7. You must turn in a hard copy of your essay personally in class on Friday, November 7. You must be present the entire class on Friday, November 7. You must address the question specifically and coherently, and account for your positions with specific evidence from your readings and our classdiscussions/lectures. Essays written with errors in spelling, idiom, and syntax are unacceptable. (See Writing for the Course in the syllabus.) CSU policy requests that you include the CSU honor pledge on your analytical essay: I pledge on my honor that I have not received or given anyunauthorized assistance in this assignment. Plagiarism on your primary source essay will result in a grading penalty ranging from a failing grade on the assignment to a failing grade in thecourse; the Office of Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services will be notified. Late primary source essays will not be accepted. No exceptions. Citation Format:When citing the readings, give the author and page number?e.g. (Baburnama, 313):

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