It is obvious that the health

It is obvious that the health sector is one of the most lucrative businesses for physiciansanywhere given the fact that people will always fall sick. On the other hand it needs to haveclear-cut regulations to protect the patients from profit seeking health providers. It is thereforeno surprise that attempts to regulate health-care provision should draw a huge debate as theone caused by the MedPac proposals. Debate is further intensified by the need for equity incompetition between the community hospital and the specialty hospitals. The primary concernis that many physicians prefer to be in specialty hospitals for financial motivation.Whereas studies indicted that patients are normally more satisfied with the ?superior? care andbetter clinical outcomes, Opponents of physician-owned hospitals, such as Senator CharlesGrassley (R-Iowa) and the American Hospital Association, have argued that physician ownershipcreates inappropriate incentives for physicians to refer patients to hospitals in which they havean ownership interest and results in ?cherry picking? of the most profitable patients (JasonGreis on March 28, 2010). Community hospitals feel that the only reason that the specializedfacilities appear to do deter in service delivery is because they have the luxury to limit the rangeof services provided, thus cutting on investment cost, while at the same time arranging to havethe well-insured and rich patients referred to them. MedPac reported that ?cardiac hospitalsseemed to treat more profitable cases than the community hospitals, and while the orthopedichospitals seemed to treat more complex cases, they chose healthier patients compared tothose in community hospitals.? Another damning case against the specialty hospitals is thatphysicians referred patients to hospitals they own or have financial arrangements with.Experts atmidcoursecan help you with this and more. Visit our website today to order for this and more essays.

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