IT Project Management

IT Project ManagementPaper instructions:Submission CriteriaThe report should be 1000 words excluding bibliography and appendices. It should be word processed Arial 11 ptfont and 1.5 line spacing. The Harvard Referencing System should be used in the writing of this assignment.Completed assignments should be submitted to Reception in hard copy with two copies of the HETAC coversheet (available on Moodle) and submitted electronically through Turnitin software which will examine and scorethe originality of your work versus referenced information. Students are required to submit all assignments andcoursework to Turnitin before final submission. A range of between 15% and 25% matched text is consideredacceptable ? this usually indicates original work with substantial use of quotations, citations and referencing.Please note: Turnitin does not negate the need for correct referencing. All quotations and cited text must becorrectly referenced to avoid plagiarism.The assignment deadline is mandatory and the following penalties apply to late submission.??10% penalty for assignments submitted within three days of the submission deadline.??20% penalty for assignments submitted within one week (seven days) of the submission deadline.??Late submissions after one week will attract a further penalty of 5% for each additional day the work islate.Extensions will be considered only where written application is submitted to the lecturer in advance of thedeadline with supporting evidence as to why the extension is warranted (e.g. medical certificate).PlagiarismThis is an individual assignment; any student found plagiarising as defined by the institute regulations will fail thewhole coursework assignment. You are expected to do your own work.2IT Project Management Assignment.Scenario:There are five libraries located in various areas of a city. Each library plans to install a number ofcomputer terminals for public use, for the purposes of allowing borrowers to search the onlinelibrary catalogue. They employ you as project manager to implement the project.The number of terminals installed in each library will depend on the size of the library and itsborrower usage. Each computer terminal will allow public users to search for any publication inany format in all five libraries. The catalogue will give details of all the titles in stock, where theyare held and whether they are currently available for the user to reserve or borrow. This userfriendly system will also permit users to reserve an item which can be collected from the library oftheir choice and e-mail them when it becomes available. In addition, each library requests thatsoftware enabling the public to learn a language be installed on each terminal. You will also need toinvestigate if there are additional functions users may require or benefit from.The library has sufficient funding so there are no financial constraints. You are required to useMicrosoft Project to plan, implement and manage this project. Using Microsoft Project will assistyou to produce a word processed document by completing the following five sections. Insert graphsand charts as appropriate.Please also include a digital copy of your completed Microsoft Project file.Section 1 (15 marks)Research the type of work involved in actually executing the above scenario. Produce a summary ofyour findings. Use this information to create the two lists required below.??Provide a word processed list of tasks that will be used to create the Work BreakdownStructure (WBS).??Provide a word processed list of resources that will be used to create the Resource Sheet.Submit your lists for approval before commencing with sections 2 ? 5.Section 2 (25 marks)??Create a new project with Microsoft Project.??Set the Start Date as July 22nd 2013.??Enter relevant Project Properties.??Enter tasks approved above to create the WBS.o Use at least one Recurring Task.??Enter appropriate Milestones.??Create appropriate Summary tasks.??Enter estimated Task Durations.??Link the tasks as appropriate and establish dependencies.??As proof of completion at this initial stage provide ao Gantt chart.o Network Diagram.o Schedule.Section 3 (25 marks)3??Modify the project as follows:o Change at least one Task Dependency.o Add Lead Time to at least one task.o Add Lag Time to at least one task.??Provide a Critical Path chart before and after these three modifications.??Identify how this affects the project duration.??Provide a Project Overview report.??Provide a Critical Tasks Report.??Enter Fixed Costs to tasks.??Enter resource information including costs.o Increase at least one resource cost with a future effective date.??Assign resources to tasks. Include people and materials.??Provide a Budget report.??Provide a Cash Flow report.??Set the Baseline.Section 4 (25 marks)??Complete 50% of the project by completing or partially completing approximately half of the tasks inthe WBS.o Use a variety of tools from the tracking toolbar for this stage.??Provide a Tracking Gantt chart.??Provide an Earned Value Chart.??Enter a new task to the WBS.??Select a team member and provide a To-Do list for that member.??Remove the selected team member from the Resource sheet. This person can no longer contribute tothe project.o Reassign appropriate tasks.o Level the project if necessary.??Provide a Who Does What Report.??Complete the remaining tasks to finish the project.??Create a custom dashboard with the following informationo Include a Completed Tasks report.o Include a project Burndown chart.o Include Actual Cost and Cost.!

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