Jack Me off

In the paper I wrote, the audience I had in mind would have probably been anyone who was in high school and had trouble in their classes. Other than the main audience, I intended for really anyone to read the paper. Well, other than to fulfill the assignment, I wrote this to inform people about me and my past. I wanted to know that I have changed from those times. I also wanted to inform people that there are people out there that will help you out in your life. Some of those people might be the people you have truely despised for the longest time. The person who helped me was the captain. I really did not like him too much from what he accused me of from the beginning of my freshman year. This is where I guess he knew he was wrong and wanted to help me in my classes. My major problems in writing the paper was at first I could not decide on what to write about. I was thinking of using my journal, but I did not think I could elaborate about that subject enough. Another problem was trying to organize all the information I had so it would be effective. My other problems involved getting the paper to have an underlying meaning in it. I also had some trouble describing the events that happened. Not the main things, the small problems I was trying to express in the big ideas. Those were my major problems. …

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