James A Garfield

James A. Garfield James A. Garfield was born in Cleveland, OH, November 19,1831. He was the last president to be born in a log cabin. Garfield was 10 pounds at birth and ended up a large man when he grew up. He weighted pounds and he was 6 feet tall. In 1848 he left home to work on a canal boat. Within six weeks he had to come home, because he got really sick. He decided to go back to school, to get an education. Garfield went to Western Reserve Eclectic Institute. There he studied and taught for three years. In 1856 he graduated from Williams College. He taught English, he also was a principal, and a preacher. Garfield was married in 1858 to Lucretia Rudolph on November 11. They had 7 children together. In 1859 he became a lawyer and was soon elected to the state Senate. After the Civil war started James Garfield volunteered for the Union army. He made colonel, and then was appointed major general for gallantry at Battle of Chickamauga. In 1880 he ran for president, against Winfield S. Hancock in November. With Chester Allen Arthur as his vice president, Garfield became the 20th president. On July 2, 1881 Garfield was going on vacation, he was at the train station when he was about to shake hands with, a man in the crowd named Charles J. Guiteaush. Garfield was shot by Guiteaush . Garfield was only in office two hundred days when he got shot. Charles Giteaush was mad because he thought it was Garfields fault that he wasnt appointed to an office. He planned to kill President Garfield for several days. He even visited the jail he knew that they would take him to after the shooting. I guess he liked it because he carried out his plan. President Garfield was shoot twice. One hit his arm and the other lodged itself somewhere inside the Presidents body. For the next eighty days, sixteen doctors were consulted regarding the Presidents condition. The first doctor Willard Bliss stuck a non-sterile finger into the w…

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