James Baldwin

Jared Handler English 101 Baldwin paper 11/19/99 Bypassing the Truth About Reality Often authors in literature tend to avoid situations in everyday life which portray controversial issues. Many authors avoid the reality and truth about what is really taking place in the world, because its frightening for many people to cope with the truth. Because in most cases, the truth hurts. In the essays Notes of a Native Son and Here be Dragons Baldwin allows the reader the opportunity to actually view what problems society is facing among its people. Baldwins views are influenced by how, he himself was depicted on for being a black homosexual. In his writings, he displays how people of normal status view others who are different, in a freakish and negative way. He points out how people are unwilling to make an attempt to know a person for who they are, because they are too quick to judge one on their external appearance and obvious differences. In the essay Notes of a Native Son, Baldwin shows how his father represents an extremely stubborn man, set in his ways, unwilling to change. He could be chilling in the pulpit and indescribably cruel in his personal life and he was certainly the most bitter man I have ever met(56). Its obvious to me how Baldwins father was definitely a mean man, full of hatred and animosity towards everyone, especially whites. His blackness had been the cause of much humiliation in his life, which fixed cynical boundaries. In my minds eye I could see him, sitting at the window, locked up in his terrors; hating and fearing every living soul including his children who had betrayed him, too, by reaching toward the world who had despised him(58). Hatred, which could destroy so much, never failed to destroy the man who hated and this was an immutable law(71). And in Baldwins fat…

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