james Fenimore Cooperthe historian

James Fenimore Cooper–The Historian James Fenimore Cooper is, in his own right, a historian. Cooper is responsible for passing on views of early America that will never be available to us again. He helped many Americans view Indians and other ethnic groups as people and not savages. Historical events greatly influenced Coopers writing. Time periods such as the Revolutionary war and the American exploration of the West were often the backgrounds for Coopers most successful novels. Novels such as The Spy, The Pioneers, and The Last of the Mohicans all possessed these qualities, and as a result, were extremely successful. The Spy was Coopers second novel and first success. Many readers felt that The Spy possessed a quality of realism that his first novel, Precaution, didnt (Ringe13). It was in this novel that Cooper first branched the topic of a war theme. It took place in Westchester Country which was neutral ground and also the scene of many battles between the English and the American colonists. The novel makes good use of its setting and revolves around the conflicts of one family (the Whartons). The majority of the family remain loyalists and support the English. However, the youngest daughter favors the rebels and goes as far as to become engaged to an American major (Long32-35). This conflict in particular was one that many Americans could relate to. Since many of Coopers readers had lived through the Revolutionary war, they had often had experiences like the ones in this book. Another important historical element that Cooper enriched this novel was the use of actual people as characters. Major Andre was mentioned several times in this novel. In real life, Major Andre was a revolutionary war spy for the British (Campbell1). Cooper used vivid imagery to portray the realities of war. In the beginning Chapter 8, he writes, With fire and sword the country round was…

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