Japans in San Peidro

Japan in San Piedro It is plain that, if the right belongs to any, it belongs to all. David Guterson, author of Snow Falling on Cedars, introduces San Piedro as an isolated place which no one who lives there can afford make enemies. But couple years after WW II, a fisherman found drowned. And a Japans American is charged with his murder. All of the action is happening after the Second World War and most of the men of this Island fought in the war even Kabuo the Japans American who is charged with murder. Throughout the novel Guterson shows the racist part of the American society and how stereotypes affect Kabuos judgment because of set of beliefs about the personal attribute of Japans in San Peidro. All types of theories assume that the attitude toward a group, Japans, is closely related to the attribute perceived as dominant traits of that group and with positive or negative evaluation of these attributes. Most of the time stereotype defined as a negative attitude toward an outgroup and the best example is the Japans in San Peidro or even Japans in America during the WW II. Kabuo, who is charged for the murder of Carl Heine (4), is a Japans male who was born and raised in San Peidro. During the prosecution the prosecutor, Alvin Hooks, introduced a new point to the jury and that was, Kabuo did not say the whole truth to the sheriff and he got arrested about the batteries and why he changed the batteries the morning he found out that Carl Heine drowned (372-4). And Kabuo decided to not tell the sheriff about exchanging the batteries the morning Carl died. As his Wife Hatsue said, Kabuo and her talked bout the situation and decided to not tell any one about the batteries and the only explanation she had for the jury was that Kabuo said to her that it would not look good(398-9). Why would Kabuo think such a way? And tell her wife that it would not look good to tell the sheriff about what rea…

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