Jeffrey Dahmer

Step Into My Parlor: The Chilling story of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. By Ed Baumann. Bonus Books, 1991. Of Men and Monsters. By Richard Tithecott. University of Wisconsin Press, 1997. Richard Tithecott stresses in the beginning of his book that we build up serial killers. We fear and despise them, but we also admire and long for them. They portray our nightmares that we wish to fulfill but will not acknowledge. To Tithecott, Dahmer existed because society has created serial killers. He also feels in order for us to survive we must create them. Jeffrey Dahmer was a disorganized killer, but not the normal understanding of what we call disorganized. Dahmer followed orderly methods when he killed his victims, but the victims were picked haphazardly. Tithecott then strays from Dahmer and discusses analogies to him. In part one of the book, Tithecott explains by looking at the presentations of Dahmer. Tithecott does this in order for us to see how neatly and comfortably he lies in our society. He explains the importance of the monster that emerged from a typical, all-American middle-class family. Dahmer falls into the subcategory of the sadistic, sexually oriented serial killer, who was a white male loner. In part two of the book, Tithecott describes the ways we construct serial killers in our minds. He suggests that we are both thrilled and horrified by Dahmer and those like him. The author aims to bridge the gap between fantasy and the violent reality of real-life killers. In the end, Tithecott sums up Dahmer as a serial killer whom no one could control. Ed Baumann explains Jeffrey Dahmers childhood, his teenage years, and many arrests preexistent to the discovery of his victims. Dahmer searched for reassurance that others cared for him, while most felt he was a liar, an alcoholic, a thief, an exhibitionist, and a molester of children. Dahmer took refuge in his fantasies as a means of …

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