Jerry HostermanHuman Developme

Jerry HostermanHuman DevelopmentResearch Paper Psychology1. Pick one stage of the eight stages of development.2. Pick a theme, such as Alzheimer?s in the stage of Late Adulthood.3. Discuss the three domains (physical, cognitive, psychosocial) and how they relate to your stage and theme.4. Include perspectives such as the psychoanalytic, cognitive, behavioral approaches and relate them as we do in class.5. Paper must be 5-8 pages not including title and reference pages with no less than five cited references.6. Paper must be completed in APA format, refer to APA handout provided.7. Refer to example paper provided.8. Refer to rubric on grading provided (structure, content, grammar etc.)9. Have others proof read (may use writing center).10. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Refer to syllabus.!

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