jfk assasination

The investigation of John Fitzgerald. Kennedys assassination was claimed to be closed with a man caught and charged with his murder. However there are many who have different conspiracy theories about his death and who was involved. On November 23,1963, while driving threw Dallas, Texas, on a speechmaking tour, President Kennedy was shot. Supposedly three shots were fired into the open car, hitting and fatally-wounding the president and seriously wounding John Connoly, Governor of Texas.( Funk and Wagnalls 207) A lone suspect, Lee Harvey Oswald, was arrested and later killed by nightclub owner,(mafia man), Jack Ruby.(Griffith,Internet) Due to the many questions surrounding the presidents death, the government set up the Warren Commission to look into the matter. They concluded that there were no conspiracy and that Lee Harvey acted on his own.(Groleir Interactive CD-ROM,1996) Mr. Jim Garrison, DA for New Orleans, had different ideas on the situation. He concluded that certain things didnt add up. Several witnesses heard gunshots and saw smoke from two locations other than the book depository. Also F.B.I marksman concluded that it was impossible for them to shoot accuratly and as quickly as the Warren Commission stated that Oswald had.(Oliver Stone,JFK) In addition why wouldnt have Oswald had taken a clean shot at Kennedy while he was driving towards him? Why would he have waited until the car had made the turn and it was a harder shot? This seems to support the theory that there were three gunman, not one. There were several suspicions or conspiracy theories as to whom would have wanted JFK dead. The suspects of this conspiracy were as follows: Lyndon Johnson, CIA, J. Edgar Hoover, Oil Baron, H. L. Hunt, the Mafia, Anti- Castro Cubans, General Edward Lansdale, Richard Nixon(Griffith). Lydon Johnson probably knew about the plot and probably helped in the coverup. Reasons for him wanting JFK dead w…

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