Jim Thomson

Jim Thomson’s House The first time when I heard this name “Jim Thomson’s House” in the class of English for Guide, I didn’t know what this place is like and there were many questions about this house in my head such as where is it located ? who is Jim Thomson ? what did he do? why his house is famous? and what are interesting things in there? Fortunately, when the list of my questions finished, my friend who sat beside me suddenly told me, she had ever gone to Jim Thomson’s house two years ago. So I eagerly asked her and she answered me in brief that this house was a Thai style and there were many antiques, that’s all of her words. Actually, I wanted to ask her more questions but we couldn’t talk much at that time because we were in class. After that, I didn’t care her answer anymore when Virginia and everybody decided to visit Jim Thomson’s house next week. I was very happy to go out the university for more experiences especially to this interesting place. When the day that I had been waiting for a week came true, I was quiet excited and worried because I had to go there by oneself. I really didn’t know how to go there!, However, I met my friends Bird, Poy and Beau at the bus-stop a few minutes before they got a bus number 47 to go to Jim Thomson’s house. Then we arrived in there about 16.30 pm. Before I reached the Thai home, I felt strange and had a question again that why the beautiful teak house was surrounded by many cement buildings and was located on the end of a long Soi. I didn’t appreciate it. Although, after I rested and sat for a while under the floor of Thai home, I felt fresh, warm and relax because of the greenish atmosphere from many plants that are in the garden. Virginia, my friends and I waited a while after we had paid the entrance fee 50 baht per person. Then we began to set a group for going in Thai Home of Jim Thomson with a Thai woman who wore a purple Thai style blouse and an ankle-length skirt, call…

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