john elway

And the Denver Broncos, with their number three pick in the 1983 draft select…John Elway. The young rookie, standing six feet, three inches tall and one hundred ninety-three pounds, joyfully stood center stage accepting his new jersey. He was selected for his perfect quarterback build and his amazing skills on the field. Scouts were appauled at the way this man could see the field and read defenses. These skills brought him into this league, but it is the skills that he developed and the struggles that he went through that would give hime the title of “The greatest quarterback ever.” In his first couple of seasons, John Elway was know for throwing a plethora of interception, giving him a bad name quickly. He would panic when the rush would come and just toss it up for grabs. While Elway was busy throwing interceptions, there were two other rookie quarters in the league doing phenominal. Dan Marino and Jim Kelly were astounding the nation with the numbers that they were putting up every game, making Elway look like pathetic. So, if Elway wanted to stay in the league he would have to pick up his game in a hurry, and he did. In the late 80’s Elway had come into his own and the Broncos front office had also put together a mediocer around him. For the first time in his career, Elway led his to to the playoffs in 88′, but were eliminated in the first round. However, in 89′, he would lead his team to the championship game, and eventhough he lost he showed great promise for the future. Ol’ Johnny went year after year improving enormously with each and every game. He threw less and less interceptions each year and dramaticly improving his accuracy and his pass completion percentage. Elway was running, passing, or even taking a sack instead of throwing an interception, showing the world that he had what it took to be named the leagues MVP. He was also invited to the Pro Bowl, which is an all-star game, eight times throughout …

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