joy luck club

Literary Analysis : An-Mei Hsu v.s. Rose Hsu Jordan Every mother should want to make life easier for their child. This is shown in Amy Tans novel, The Joy Luck Club. It consists of stories about the lives and relationships between the mothers and daughters of the Joy Luck Club. An-Mei Hsu is always trying to help her daughter, Rose Hsu Jordan, through the difficulties of life. Roses biggest difficulty in life is her failed marriage with her husband Ted. An-Meis dedication to making life easier for her daughter is portrayed whenever she gives wisdom that explains the way to live life, shares knowledge that gives a better understanding of lifes circumstances, and supports or advises in situations of need. An-Mei has learned the way to live life through her experiences. She gives Rose this wisdom as they apply to her circumstances. An-Mei tells Rose, A girl is like a young tree, you must stand tall and listen to your mother standing next to you. That is the only way to grow strong and straight…if you bend to listen to other people, you will grow crooked and weak (213). As this was her answer to why Rose was always so confused, she shows that she does not want her daughter to be confused in situations that life gives. An-Mei wants Rose to grow strong and straight so that she has a clear and confident mind. As a result of Roses constant confusion, she does not know how to make her own decisions. To solve this, An-Mei tells her, You must think for yourself…if someone tells you, then you are not trying (140). She is teaching her daughter to make her own decisions. She does not want Rose to sit back and have other people tell her what to do all the time, or she will never learn to stand up for herself. Though it takes time for Rose to understand, the wisdom she has received helps her in the future. An…

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