Julius Caesar at the Folger Theater in Washington DC

Julius Caesar at the Folger Theater in Washington DCYour third writing assignment is a 3 -4 page response paper to Shakespeare?s Julius Caesar performed at Folger Theatre. The paper will discuss how the play, as a work of theatre, has the unique ability reflect American Society.The paper is due in class on Monday, November 10 .Three primary questions need to be answered in your paper: 1) Describe what you think the Director? s concept is for Folger Theatre? s production of Julius Caesar 2) How do th e Director? s Concept and the details of the production itself ? such as design elements and acting ? help to express a specific theme in the play . 3) Demonstrate fluency with topics discussed in class ? specifically about Shakespeare and Elizabethan TheatreIn your paper you will:x express a defendable point of view (a thesis) about the play t hat is related to the unique qualities of theatre. I would suggest focusing on one theme and spending your paper showing how the play and the production use writing and acting to express that theme.x USE DETAILS FROM THE PRODUCTION ITSELF. Don?t address this play as if you are reading it in a book. Highlight choices that were shown in the production you saw.x demonstrate fluency with the topics discussed in class and read on your own .All assignments must be typed, double ? spaced, stapled and include t he student?s name. Title and header do not count toward the minimum page count. Please cite all sources using MLA format. Even if your only source is the play you are writing about, you still need to cite the source at the end of your paper.:

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