King Henry and his role in the English Reformation1

Cold-blooded, deliberate cruelty mark not only his advancing years but his whole reign, wrote Sir Charles Oman. This quote exemplifies the thoughts and opinions held by many towards King Henry VIII and the way in which he reigned from 1509 to 1547 . However many thought otherwise. His Lord Chancellor proclaimed that, Henry was a most gentle gentleman, his nature so benign and pleasant that I think till this day no man hath heard many angry words pass his mouth. Henry indeed has shown to be somewhat cold-blooded and ruthless, but these actions are shown to be of good intention. As written by a common of that time, If in any point he seemed more severe than just towards his high subjects, let us unfeignedly hold him excused, yielding him thanks even in his sepulchre, for by it we possess public tranquillity to this day. Because the whole reformation was peeking, with such strong leaders as John Calvin, Martin Luther, Erazmus and Zwingli, Henry who had portrayed such a good strong belief in the Catholic Religion had developed a certain mentality. It was a mentality of protection and devotion towards the Christian faith. So despite Henrys unmoral acts, which defied many sections of the cannon law, he defended and strengthened the Christian belief in which the other reformists were trying to weaken. By the 1540s, England as well as the rest of Europe had begun to adopt many other religious teachings from men such as Martin Luther, John Calvin and others. These newly formed Christian religions spread throughout Europe taking in many followers that were outside of the place of origin . Many of these followers proved to be of English or British decent. King Henry however, rejected all teachings that had as its primary motive to change the Christian Religion. Henry throughout the later part of his reign wrote and had others write from him many articles and laws that were to be passed in ord…

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