King Solomons mines

Science becomes increasingly a metaphor for the explanation of why things are as they are: people look to science to explain the origin of human character and institutions; science becomes an important part of ideological argumentation and a means of social control. European scientists from late 18th to 19th century developed scientific theories to explain the racial differences. The attempt to cast a theory of race in biological terms was the product, in part, of the growing of science in European culture. In America, scholars following in the tradition of the Europeans attempted to prove the intellectual inferiority of Indians, blacks, and women through the size of their skulls. Many believed and followed these theories assuming that most of the degenerate characteristics are inborn and genetically linked to certain races especially Africans. In Race and Gender, Nancy Stepan explains that many 19th-century scientists and laypeople viewed Africans as a degenerate race; Haggards representation of the Kukuana demonstrates that he did agree with this view. A classic in its day, King Solomons Mines is one of the more famous titles from the Victorian eras. It is very much a classical boys own adventure typical of the genre. The story revolves around a group of three Englishmen searching for the lost brother of the three. The story is narrated by one of the three, Allan Quatermain, who is something of a big game hunter type of adventurer. Sir Henry Curtis has a lead that the missing brother is somewhere in the interior of Africa lost on his own quest for King Solomon’s mines. While the book is written to be adventurous and fun to read, it depicts the typical exploitation of innocent tribespeople who are culturally different, rather than inferior. This book is particularly interesting as it indirectly manifests many theories of the racial science developed in the past. In The Mismeasure of Man, …

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