Eyes are said to be the doorway to the soul. Lips, then, are the passageway to the mind. Lips react to the minds thoughts in so many different ways. They can show happiness with a smile, express its thoughts and feelings, possibly with words of love, and show its intentions, sometimes with a kiss. Kissing is the first physical expression of serious attraction between two people. They may hold hands, or they may dance closely, but most of the time the relationship can’t progress until they kiss. I don’t mean a quick peck or a brief glancing kiss, but a full-body-contact type where each is embracing the other, where breathing becomes difficult, and where the heart rate becomes erratic. The kiss is highly underrated. It says many things that are difficult or impossible to put into words. Thinking back to my first kiss, I can clearly remember a waterfall of slober and the lingering of those movie theater junior mints. It definitely didnt turn out how I had imagined and dreamed that it would. In fact, it probably produced the most oppisite feelings possible and definitely turned me off of the idea of kissing anymore. Needless to say that my middle school boyfriend never got a kiss from me again after the first horrible experience. Now thinking back to those first actual meaningful kisses How it happened is insignificant to the fact that it happened. Your lips moved to hers. She didn’t move away but turned slightly to face you more directly. Her eyes may have closed but her lips parted ever so slightly. Maybe she made the initial advance and you didn’t move away. However it happened, your lips touched for the first time. Your arms were around her. You slowly pulled her closer. She responded and your bodies pressed tightly together. This was very likely the first time that you have been this close together. Kissing is an art and a highly individual and personal expression of affection and love. Some just press t…

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