Land law5. In 2004 five law st

Land law5. In 2004 five law students, Alwyn, Betsan, Cai, Dylan and Elis, bought a holiday cottage in Pen Llyn for ?200,000. Alwyn, Betsan and Cai contributed ?50,000 each, but Dylan and Elis, contributed only ?25,000 each. The conveyance was expressly stated to be to the five of them in fee simple ?as joint tenants in law and in equity?. Since then the following events have occurred:(a) In 2005, Alwyn was killed in a motor accident and in his will left all his property to Bangor Donkey Sanctuary;(b) In 2006, Betsan, without telling the others, assigned her share in the cottage to a friend, Ffion;(c) In 2007, Betsan died following a short illness;(d) In 2008, Elis sold his share to Cai.By today, Dylan is adamant that the cottage should be sold, but Cai opposes this, as he stays in the cottage on a regular basis.Advise the parties as to their position in relation to the cottage and as to how the dispute might be resolved.ORDER THIS ESSAY HERE NOW AND GET A DSICOUNT !

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