Langton Huges

James Langston Hughes was born on February 1, 1902 in Joplin Missouri to an abolitionist family. His farther was the first black man elected to public office in 1885. Langston attended high school in Ohio, where he began to write poetry in the eighth grade. He was elected class poet. His farther did not think that Hughes could make a living writing poetry and urged him to peruse a different career. He’s farther paid for Langston to attend Columbia University to study engineering. However, Langston continued to write poetry. He eventually dropped out to peruse his desired career, poetry despite maintaining a “B+” average, at Columbia University. Langston was one of the pioneers of the Harlem Renaissance. In the roaring twenty’s blacks poets, artist, and singers in Harlem emerged to show that they had talent in all of the arts. This was an important time for blacks. The Harlem Renaissance symbolized the first time in history; black artistes received recognition for their work. Langston’s first poem was The Negro Speak of the River in 1926 this poem opened the door for many great poems to follow. In that same year a poem called The Weary Blues was also published, this poem happens to be on or of my favorite poems. In this, poem Hughes tells a story of the time he went into a Harlem blues club and saw a live performance. Hughes in these poem talks about a male singer he once saw singing the blues in a Harlem nightclub, the male singer is pictured sitting down behind a piano playing and singing and playing the blues. There is noise of just the singer moaning and singing Hughes mentioned that people were tapping there feet, smoking, and drinking. In analyzing the poem I used the dramatistic approach, I chose to use Fisher’s theory of analysis because I think his approach allows the best method for analysis of this rhetorical artifact. Fisher believed that communication is about story telling. The rhetor conveys his messag…

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