latin women

During the 19th century, public life for women was limited. Women were still considered minors. But there were some advances in education, which helped some women to enter into professions. There were also alterations of civic codes that ultimately abolished the laws in many countries. Latin American women entered the 20th century with a better education and legal status but with still restricted roles. Women initiated campaigns for equal political and civil rights. But despite gains they was still discrimination, and some women faced the duty of family and employment. One of the most notable characteristics of todays poverty in Latin America is the growing number of women among the poor. Today about 20 percent of the poorest households in Latin America are headed by women, but in some cities the percentage rises to almost 38 percent. A review of 22 studies of women-headed households in Latin America reveals that there is a strong correlation between female head-ship and poverty, and that such households are increasing in number. There are many reasons why we see a rise in the number of households headed by women in poverty. Female headed households are likely to be more poor than male headed households because they have fewer working members of the family, they have a lower average of earnings, less access to jobs and productive resources. Most Latin American women have less education than men do. There are more and more women are working as laborers. Fruit companies in Chile rely exclusively on women for harvesting, processing, and packing fruits. In Columbia women cultivate and pack flowers. Whats amazing is that they are paid less then men are, just because they are women. In Honduras for example women are paid 70 percent of the male wage for performing the same tasks in tobacco cultivation. It is clear that the women who do participate in the labor force and have the same education level…

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