Laughter is the best medicine Essay Help

Laughter is the Best Medicine.? What do you think of this old saying? To me it means that a cheerful frame of mind will not cure you but it will make you think less about your ailments. Did you know that there are a lot of health benefits just from one simple laughter? First just by laughing you can reduce the level of stress drastically. Secondly it helps to create a stronger bond between you and the people around you. Not only that laughter helps to lower the chance of getting health problems. Last but not leastLaughter is the best medicine laughter helps to make an individual looks younger cheerful and attractive. I reckon sometimes we take life way too seriously. As we grow up we tend to run through our lives with such a speed that we have no time left to laugh. Is this what you want your life to be like to grow old without happiness but diseases?? If you are feeling down laughing aloud may seem impossible. When you see people laughing out loud you might be thinking Dude stop being so inconsiderate and annoying.? But if you are the one that is laughing out loud you wouldn?t think that?s the case because you enjoy laughing too much. Although you probably can?t laugh off depression one of the many benefits of laughter is that they buffer you against the negatives of life that could lead to depression. Laughter comes to be handy especially when you are in the senior years in high school. Take me as an example 5 internals in a week can really kill my mood. That week was as awful as hell. However I didn?t sit around being all upset over this instead I looked on a bright side and cheered myself up by laughing at the same humour with my friends. Research has proven that people that use humour to get rid of depression will feel less lonely and more positive about themselves. If there is a free natural antidote in front of you right now why don?t you simply give it a try? It may help you to ride out of the tough times and other hurdles.”

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