Laura Ingalls Wilder

Most people don’t know who Laura Ingalls Wilder is! But if you have heard of the books Little House On the Prarie then you know exactly who I’m talking about. Little House on the Prarie is a series of books about Laura Ingall Wilders life growing up in the Big Woods. Laura grew up in a big family but it was only her Mother, Father and sister Mary in the family house. They lived by some of their Family concidering Laura’s aunt and ucle along with their children. Laura started travel west with her family in search of a big prarie. Where they wouldn’t have to pay to live on the land. They were going to go father west as possible. When Laura’s father old t hen about some indian reservation that they could live in for free the jumped to conclusions and headed there right away! While Lauras mother packed therir belongings In the covered wagon her father was selling their farm and land. Soon after he sold it they were on their way on their long journey West! After about a year in this place people called the Big Woods Laura’s parents got a notice saying since the buyer of their old house wasn’t paying anymore they would eitherreturn or have to sell again. So the Ingalls descided moving back to Kansa would be the right desion since they have a new member of the family her name was Carrie. So next thing you know it they are on their way back to their own home where Mary and Laura’s friends would be waiting for them to return. The family was glad to lend a hand while the family moved out of the Ingalls house. Soon after they moved in the Ingalls and Laura’s aunt and uncle all decided to move across the Mississippi river to a little town called Plum Creek. SO the Ingalls were off again. When the two sets of Ingall family got to their desitination they lived in the covered wagon untill they built houses. When they built they didn’t exactly build houses they built dugouts, something that will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winte…

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