Leadership and Organizational Change

Leadership and Organizational ChangeLeadership and Organizational ChangeFor your Final Research Paper, you are asked to synthesize, evaluate, and apply concepts, theories, and strategies related to leadership and organizational change. Before you begin your paper, you must select an organization. The organization may be the professional organization where you work or one which you are associated or are familiar (e.g., a church, a school, a food co-op, etc.). Then, you must interview a leader in the organization. The leader that you interview will provide the basis for your paper. Before you interview the leader, be sure to take note of what is required in the ?Leadership Interview? section of your paper. You are advised to develop a set of questions that addresses the items under this section.In Week 3, you must submit a brief profile of the organization and the leader. Your Instructor will provide feedback as needed.Your Final Research Paper must be presented as a 15-20-page (not including references, title page, or abstract), double-spaced, APA-formatted paper that is submitted to the Dropbox.The Final Research Paper must include:? Introductiono Describe the organization you selected and the leader you interviewed.? Leadership Interviewo Describe the leadership style(s) the leader embodies and explain how he/she demonstrates the leadership style(s).o Describe the qualities, characteristics, and skills of the leader and explain how each contributes or detracts from his/her effectiveness.o Describe the motivational and empowerment strategies the leader employs and explain how each motivates and empowers followers.o Explain the role of the leader during a time of organizational change (past or current). Be sure to describe the organizational change, the rationale for the change, and how the leader facilitated the change.o Describe strategies the leader used to address resistance to change and implement rapid change. Explain whether they were effective and why or why not.? Literature Review:o Locate 8-10 articles (from peer-reviewed journals) that address the leadership style(s) the leader embodies.o Synthesize the information presented in each article and explain how it applies to the leader you interviewed and the organization in which he/she leads.o Conclusion: Based on your interview and the research you synthesized, explain the degree to which the leadership style(s) embodied by the leader is effective and why or why not. Be sure to take the organizational culture into account.!

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