Leadership Concepts

Leadership ConceptsYou have been informed that the Board of Directors of Godiva Hotel that they have recently acquired the ?Stoneleigh Golf Club?, a well-established golf course and driving range occupying a 72 acre site adjacent to the Godiva Hotel. You are required to produce a 2000 word report which details your recommendations for absorbing this new business within the Godiva Hotel Group. Assignment BriefBackgroundAs part of your role as Director of Innovation & Change you have been given the task of absorbing the new business with the Godiva Hotel structure and culture.The Stoneleigh Golf Club has 15 staff members and a very different culture and leadership style to that at the Godiva Hotel.RequirementSpecifically, you need to cover (i) the key challenges which may arise from the acquisition and (ii) how you will create the new culture and environment to get the best from the merged teams. The report should include the following sections:1) Executive Summary; 2) Creating the Environment ? What do you consider to be the key challenges facing the hotel and how you will establish the core values and culture of the organisation following the takeover to create a successful and innovative environment; 3) Managing Change ? describe how you will lead and implement the changes following the takeover. 4) Leadership Style ? examine different management and leadership styles identifying the approach(es) you consider most appropriate to the organisation following the takeover of the ?Stoneleigh Golf Club?; 5) Motivation ? analyse how you will develop and inspire the employees to achieve their objectives and contribute to the shared vision;Remember to support your report with relevant theories/studies you consider relevant and make clear any necessary, reasonable assumptions you make at the start of the report. Guidance notes and considerations You will reference all sources. Your word count will include all quotes or citations. Also compare three different theories of management when elaborating on how to motivate.:

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