legal contract

Custodial and Visitation Agreement This agreement made and entered into on April 5, 2000 by and between Ms. Emily Parent (“Emily”) and Mr. Joseph Parent (“Joseph”) will hereby express the terms and conditions that will govern their custody and visitation rights in regards to their daughter Stephanie Parent (“Stephanie”). It is hereby agreed: I. Background The agreement will act as a settlement in relation to the litigation of the case of Parent v. Parent for the custody of Stephanie Parent, the daughter of Emily and Joseph. II. Terms This agreement will commence on April 5, 2000 and will continue until Stephanie reaches the age of majority provided the following visitation schedule is strictly adhered to: a) Custody – Joseph agrees that Emily and Captain Roger Stepford (“Stepford”) will continue to be Stephanies legal residence and that Emily and Stepford will be allowed to relocate with Stephanie. b) Holidays and Vacations – Stephanie will spend all school holidays, holidays and summer vacations with Joseph at Josephs home, wherever he may reside at that time, except for the summer immediately following any relocation by Emily and Stephanie. In the occasion of such a relocation, Stephanie will spend up to two weeks of the summer vacation immediately after a relocation with Joseph and return to Emily to become acclimated to her new environment for the following school year. 1) Upon written agreement, signed by both parties, it may be agreed to that Stephanie may spend a school holiday or holiday with Emily and Stepford. 2) Upon written agreement, signed by both parties, it may be agreed to that Stephanie may spend an entire summer vacation with Joseph. 3) If a holiday or religious observance falls within the school week and Stephanie is not excused, or off, from school Stephanie will remain with Emily. c) Communication – Joseph will have open access to communication with St…

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