Lend Me a Tenor

Steven Brink Intro to Theatre Summary of Lend Me a Tenor In the following summary of Lend Me a Tenor I will look at many different aspects affecting the play such as: actors, directing, lighting, scenery, costumes, text, and characters. With myself seeing this play eight times and almost getting all of the lines down myself I know that this will be the best summary of this play, or at least hope. What I am going to try to do is walk you from the beginning to the end pointing out the points that I think are important to the play. When you walk into the Blair Hall Theater the energy that comes from the house and stage area flows out into the waiting room and just gets you ready to go and see this play. When you follow the usher into the house you see a giant curtain lit up with eight-inch lights with red gels in front of them and if when you are seated the chairs are very comfortable with plenty of legroom so that you are not uncomfortable for the play. One last thing before we start the play you hear the sounds of opera and many classical tunes kind of to put you in the mood the play. Ok so here we go, the curtain opens slow for an operatic fill to it and with the sounds of an opera tenor star Tito Marellie we see what is a bedroom and a living room, which is in the hotel suite for Tito. With all the times I saw the play I could see that the actors worked together so well to support each other and to create this world that you could be apart of. One of the hardest characters I thought it would take to play was the character Max. This person goes through so much during the play but at the end gets the reward that he deserves. Another thing you would notice is that no matter where you sat you could hear the actor or actress due to the theater and due to the projection of their voices. There is one character I did not like and that would be the character Julia. It was just her personality that I could not sta…

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