Length: approx. 8 pages (typed

Length: approx. 8 pages (typed, double spaced, 12 pt font)TopicPlease do one of the following (EITHER #1 OR #2):Paper Topic 1: What is a documentary film? Discuss (check midcourse.net for the help you need) with reference to TWO of the following theorists:? Gilberto Perez? Andre Bazin? Trevor Ponech? Roland Barthes? Jean BaudrillardYou may write on a documentary of your own choosing. You may reference Fahrenheit 9-11 and/or Nanook of the North but if you write on this topic you must watch a documentary of your own choosing and use it as the main example in your paper.Some questions you may want to consider within the scope of your paper:Is a documentary objective?Does a documentary give us access to ?reality??How is a documentary film valuable to society/dangerous to society (as propaganda, as visual lies (Perez), etc)?What is the difference between fiction and non-fiction? orPaper Topic 2. With reference to Cronenberg?s film eXisTenz or Antonioni?s Blow-Up, Discuss (check midcourse.net for the help you need) ONE of the following theorists. Make reference to Plato?s theory of art as mimesis (i.e. art as a representation of an original) Please note: I would like you to focus most of your attention on Barthes or Baudrillard and use Plato as a point of comparison.? Roland Barthes? Jean BaudrillardSome questions you may want to consider within the scope of your paper:Is there an ?original? to which an image somehow ?corresponds??Barthes highlights the importance of language is all aspects of culture and society (including film) Significance?What is the significance of Barthes? claim that the relationship between sign and signified is ?ambiguous??What is Barthes approach to ?realism?? Why does he consider it a ?myth???To give a text an author is to impose a limit on that text, to furnish it with a final signified, to close that text?. Significance?For Baudrillard/Barthes, what is the ?postmodern? relationship between culture and nature?What, according to Baudrillard, is the ?hyperreal?? What is the ?simulacrum??How does consumer society provide a ?precession of simulacrum??For Baudrillard what is the significance of ?Disneyland?? Do you agree with his claims?Paper StructureYou are writing on two theorists and at least one film. It is important to distinguish between the exegesis (your explanation of the theory in question) and your criticism (your own thoughts on the theory in question). In higher level philosophy courses, papers usually try to combine the ?exegesis? and the ?critique? and if you would like to do that it?s fine. As this is a second year course and some of you are getting used to writing papers at the university level for the first time, I offer the following structural guideline:1. Intro paragraph with thesis statement2. Lay out the main issues/questions you are interested in exploring (see ?questions you may want to consider in the scope of your paper? above, making sure that the questions you want to explore have something to do w the theorists you choose.)3. Exegesis or Explanation of the first theorist in question (with examples from the film you choose)4. Exegesis or Explanation of the second theorist in question (with examples from the film you choose)4. Comparison of the two5. Further hypothesis or elucidation on one or both theorists, with evidence to back up what you?re saying!Here is a loose breakdown of how I will be marking the paper:1. How well written is the paper? That is, are words spelled correctly? Do thesentences in the paper make sense? This will be worth perhaps 10 points out of100.2. Is the paper well structured? That is, is the paper organized in a coherent wellthought out matter? This will be worth perhaps 15 points out of 100.3. How well is the argument explained? This will be worth perhaps 50 points outof 100.4. How well did you criticize/defend the argument? How original is the criticism/defence? This will be worth perhaps 25 points out of 100.There is no specific requirement for background research or references for this assignment. Use as many (or as few) sources as you feel comfortable with.

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