Letter to Colombian GovernmentProject description1989 minors code: letter to colombian government writing to argue against the Colombian Minor Code and the negative repercussions it has brought on the city of Medellin. Some facts :The Colombian Minor Code Law states ? Those who are under the age of 18 and commit a crime will not go to jail? and you should go against the law as there are a lot of children killing others who are under the age of 18. Assassins are still being exploited and the law is not working, they need to take responsibility-discipline, the gangs are increasing , they are causing terror in the country.the colombian minor code is wrong because of the assassins and the gang leaders, and the negative effects that it is causing on the society, the parents, community , and the government.In the state?s absence, the children are left to kill and be killed. The law that?s supposed to protect innocent children actually leads to their exploitation. Do you think this law is right? When the children are committing murder and big crimes they should know that it is wrong, and they should be treated like adults and should go to jail.If they put the assassins in jail it will make a huge difference to the community as it will make the streets safer and easier for the police to catch the gangs. This will also affect the number of deaths which will decrease in the neighbourhoods as there will be fewer gangs which causes fewer crimes. The assassins are causing the country to lose tourists as they think that is unsafe to visit which causes a loss of money to the government. Parents are having a negative attitude towards the government as they are putting their childrens life in danger of their death. PLEASE DEVELOP ALL THESE IDEAS AND ADD MORE TO ITPLEASE INCLUDE:5 CLEAR PERSUASIVE POINTS ABOUT WHY THEY SHOULD CHANGE THE LAWALLITERATIONANECDOTEFLATTERYFACTSOPINIONSRHETORICAL QUESTIONSREPETITIONEMOTIVE LANGUAGEA BIT OF EXAGGERATIONSTATISTICSSUPERLATIVETRIPLETSIMPERATIVE VERDS (COMMANDS)ING VERBSSIMILEPERSONIFICATIONADVERBSCONNECTIVESED VERBSRANGE OF PUNCTUATIONDIFFERENT SENTENCE LENGTHS AND PARAGRAPH LENGTHSPOINTS LINK/ FLOW INTO EACH OTHERSOPHISTICATED VOCABULARYRANGE OF FULLY DEVELOPED IDEASOrder for your custom written PAPER now!

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