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Our Library Management System is the application software that is developed to make a record of Book purchasing book searching book issuing and rent book returned catalogs stock creation all other fine books popular and bestsellers and other Library related works. The scope of this software application is to generate the automatic process of manual handling of Library records and to handle the stock as well as book issues related information. The aim of the project is to make the manual handling of Library system into computerized system. The user can get the information regarding the important reviewsLibrary Management System and immediate search of records. Our Library Management System is a data processing system used to perform routine Library activities. In this system the library management becomes more efficient and easier to handle with its reliable system components. Library system was developed in order to make computerized the borrowing and returning of books return books and add books search books and special tools. With Library Management System it can trace desired items electronically without going through shelves. Library Management System supports other administrative tasks such as inventory and data processing. Our Library management system needs a flash drive that will be used as access of the student to borrow books. Every registered student who wants to borrow book is required to plug-in a flash drive during the registration. The file Account.txt? will be created after the registration containing the registered borrower?s code and full name. The Administrator/Librarian has full access which is level 1 with this system while the staff cannot edit accounts and settings which is level 2; they are only in assign with the transaction. Library management system records every transaction in computerized system so that problem such as record file missing won?t happen. This system has records of the list of the users with access level; the users must have their User ID Last Name First Name Middle Initial Username Password and Access Level. It has also records of a list of available books with the book number description Category and Stock Available. It keeps also the record of the borrowed books with the borrowed code type of transaction list of books quantity and date and time in it. It has also the records of the borrowers with their borrower code last name first name middle initial and course in it. It has also the borrowers log history with the borrower code type of transaction and date and time. The information to be printed on the printer are the Registered Users Book Record Borrower per day Penalty Slip and Borrowed and Returned Books. It also records the User Log History which contains the User ID Full Name Remark and date and time. Our Library Management System has only three trials for log in. Our system also validates all inputs. Penalty for late in returning of books is 5 pesos per day and 50 pesos after 5 days. This system has a user-friendly interface to create an easy to understand environment and it uses consistent background and foreground color. All the forms in our system appear at the center of the screen. It can detect a flash drive automatically once it is connected and indicate a status. It performs adding editing deleting and searching of records. Our system is also reliable in computing penalty. It performs text to speech and SMS notification. It can also update the number of books and back-up files and records.”

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