lifespan human developmentKinWeek 9 AssignmentPURPOSE: The purpose of this assignment is to practice using the Social Relations Model to understanddirectional dyadic behavior in family relationships.INSTRUCTIONS:1. Read Week 9 lesson plan and the assigned reading. You will want to read the article assignedfor this week: Ackerman, R.A., Kashy, D.A., Donnellan, M.B. (2011). Positive-engagementbehaviors in observed family interactions: A Social relations analysis. Journal of FamilyPsychology, 25(5), 719-730. You will also want to read the lesson plan for Week 9 focusing onthe material that describes the Social Relations Model and how to use it to understanddirectional dyadic interactions.2. Read the hypothetical situations below and apply the Social Relations Model. In yourapplication of the Social Relations Model you will want to dissect the relationship in questionand note whose actor, partner, and dyadic relationship effects (in addition to the family mean)might be responsible for the directional dyadic behavior you are trying to explain. Use theexample in the lesson plan as your model for how to do this. Your paper should be divided into2 sections?part one should address Hypothetical Example #1 and part two should addressHypothetical Example #2.Hypothetical Example #1: In a four-person family (i.e., father, mother, son, and daughter), we see thatthe mother constantly nags the father. She frequently pesters the father about completing hishousehold tasks, complains about the father, and regularly finds fault in the things he does. Using theSocial Relations Model outline how we might understand the mother?s nagging behavior towards thefather. Be sure to include a discussion of the relevant actor, partner, family mean, and dyadicrelationship effects. Which ones are possibly at play here?Hypothetical Example #2: In a four-person family (i.e., father, mother, son, and daughter), we see thatthe son regularly plays practical jokes on his mother. Just yesterday he placed fake vomit on the floorand pretended to be sick. He also put a whoopee cushion on his mother?s chair. Using the SocialRelations Model outline how we might understand the son?s joking behavior towards his mother. Besure to include a discussion of the relevant actor, partner, family mean, and dyadic relationship effects.Which ones are possibly at play here?DUE DATE: This assignment is due no later than Sunday July 27, 2015, 11:59 PM (PST).SUBMISSION PROCESS: To submit your assignment, please place it in the digital drop box onBeachBoard in the folder marked Week 9 Assignment: Social Relations Model.GRADING CRITERIA: This assignment is worth 25 points. Ability to correctly identify and describe therelevant actor, partner, dyadic relationship, and family mean effects will determine points earned.FEEDBACK: Students will receive feedback from the instructor via email within one week of thesubmission deadline.! 121

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