LIST OF MOVIES:North CountryBo

LIST OF MOVIES:North CountryBoys Don?t CryPreciousIron Jawed AngelsPersepolisMonsterKinseyHollyBend it Like BeckhamBrokeback MountainAll About EveBlack SwanThelma and LouiseTransamericaThe Age of InnocenceThe PianoWinter?s BoneXXYThe Ballad of Little JoRaise the Red LanternThe Color Purple12th and DelawareMa Vie En RoseAlien or AliensMilkStage BeautyOrlandoAlbert Nobbs (still in some theaters)The Iron Lady (still in theaters)A Streetcar Named DesirePsycho, Vertigo, or Dial M for MurderSaving Face (premiers on HBO in March)Choose one of the films from the list above and write a short response paper (about 500 words/ about 2 pages). You will not receive any credit for a plagiarized response. If you go to a website to learn more about the film, then simply cite your use of that website or whatever. You are not required to consult any sources other than the textbook, so just use your own brain. Don?t copy and paste a bunch of crap from the internet and try to pass it off as your own work. That wastes my time and yours (and it ticks me off because it wastes my time).1. Watch the film, pausing it at 39 minutes, and again at 1hour and 12 minutes. Make note of whatever is happening in the film. At the end of your response in a separate paragraph, briefly describe what is on screen at these moments to prove you watched the film. Just give me a sentence or two of description of each moment.2. When you write your response, don?t summarize the film itself-instead, you might open the paper with a paragraph or two describing what you liked and/or did not like about the film. What did you find interesting? If you watched with family or friends tell me what they thought too. It might be interesting to watch the film with someone who is a different gender, age, race, sexual identity, etc. and then Discuss (check for the help you need) what you got out of the film. Did you experience it in the same way or did your respective differences shape how you viewed the film?3. Next, use the rest of the paper (probably a 1 to 1.5 pages) finding a way to connect the film to any of the ideas from class(women studies).

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