Literature review

Literature reviewThis paper should only include the Literature Review section. It is a group report and my part is only the Literature Review. The purpose of thisgroup report is to give you a chance to conduct real consumer psychology/behaviour research, analyse consumer data and interpret findings, translatethem in practical marketing recommendations, and summarise them in a 3,000 words report.Choose a non-conventional business idea of your own.This group chose an online website where people can rent other people?s things and give their own for a lease in exchange for money. content of the literature review should answer the following:What is the support that the consumer psychology literature offers for such an idea? Which of the theoretical frameworks, tools and concepts weDiscuss (check for the help you need)ed throughout the module can be used to justify the selection of this idea in a more solid way? Synthesis is the key, here. Do not describeeach theory but try to apply them on your topic.

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