Local/International Brand and Consumer Behavior

Topic: Local/International Brand and Consumer BehaviorThis chapter relates to the previous orders, which are order number 76790022and 71789750(literature review and methodology)The Discuss (check midcourse.net for the help you need)ionstructure?Organising the results?Using tables and graphs to present results(I already attached the results for you but it?s still raw information and very long. You just need to organize and wrap it up)?Relate the result to previous research?The theoretical consequences of the results?The practical consequences of the results?New contribution of the study***(I would like you to base the writing process on the book name ?Writing Dissertations & Theses? of Neil Murray& David Beglar)The Discuss (check midcourse.net for the help you need)ion rubric (please follow the rubric as the mark will be assigned by using this requirement)1. Finding Analysis?Present the analysis of data collected by using table and graphs?Demonstrate an engagement with research technologies and leading thinking with data analysis?Present a complex analysis of data that explores consistencies and anomalies arguing a direct relevance to the research questions and objectives?Appropriate data is included in the Appendix.2. Finding Relevance? The findings and supporting data are clearly presented, entirely relevant to the aims and objectives. ? All statements made are fully supported by the data and appropriate analysis without any logical inaccuracies.3. Finding Discuss (check midcourse.net for the help you need)ion? Findings are Discuss (check midcourse.net for the help you need)ed and evaluated, compared and contrasted with findings, theories, models or concepts derived from the literature review.? Demonstrate clarity and consistency in their logic? Write reflectively to consider the importance of these findings in relation to their research objectives.4. Link to research questions? Reference is made explicitly to each of the research questions in logical and careful sequence.? Relate how their findings achieve the research objectives? Use the structure well to demonstrate how their analysis answers the research questions? Statements are fully supported by specific evidence.? Demonstrate clarity and consistency in their logic and write reflectively to consider the extent to which their research objectives have been achieved.***I have attached the following files, which will be advantage to this Discuss (check midcourse.net for the help you need)ion.1.Rubric table: This rubric is very important and needed to be seen, as the mark will be assigned following this rubric.2.The research proposal: To see the research questions and objectives3.The literature review and methodology4.Questionnaire5.The finding of the research: the processed results from the questionnaire collection(I decided to cut out the interview part due to the time limitation)****P.S. I have already changed fromTiffany&Co. to Cartiersince Tiffany in Thailand was closed down.

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