lord of the flies1

Reasons for choosing this book I chose this novel because I needed to read one more book off the list and I just came across this book. I read the plot and it seemed a little interesting to me. I started to read it and then about 20 or thirty pages in I decided to challenge myself and finish the book Summary of lord of the flies I think the theme of this story is that if two people are together long enough they will end up fighting against each other in the end. The reason I say this is that Ralph and Jack were ok to each other in the beginning but then in the end they really didnt like each other. The other theme of this book is that people can go crazy in desperate times. For example, they went crazy when they killed Piggy with a rock. The novel was set on a Pacific island, during what appeared to be a nuclear war. This book is about a few victims of a plane crash that are boys. They are stranded on an island together. There are no adults, just kids. The age groups of these kids are about 6 to 12 years of age. The younger boys are called littluns and the older boys are called bigguns. Jack is about 12 years old and probably reasonably strong. He seemed to be very dominating over the boys in the book. This boy named Ralph is named leader of the group and the first thing he wants to do is go look all over the island with Simon and Jack to see if they can find anything or to see if the island is really a island. They started to make fires and kill pigs to eat. Jack also wanted to be elected leader of the group, but he wasnt. Jack is a tall thin boy with red hair. Jacks appearance looks evil. They had a meeting where the rule for them is freedom of speech. Then one of the littuns rushed down and said he saw a monster that he calls beastie. Then Jack created his own group to lead. A lot of the kids switched to his group. Then even more kids switched to jacks group. The difference between both groups is that jacks group …

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