Lord of the Flies2

Trapped on an Island In society human beings have developed morals and ways of life that set them apart from savage creatures. William Goldings story Lord of the Flies, deals with young men shedding their morality to maintain a society that is capable of surviving. In this tale of human survival Golding selects symbols on an island to represent themes. Of the many symbols he uses, the stripping of the cloths, a conch shell, and war paint are the three most effective. Each of these three symbols represent how humans try to survive as well as adapt to their surroundings. When the boys first meet after freeing themselves from the wreckage of the plane, they all begin to remove their clothes in order to adjust to the heat of their surroundings. This represents the initial breakdown of civilization, and how the boys are trying to maintain comfort in such a precarious position. It is clearly eminent that at this point in the story Golding is comparing this group of boys to a pack of animals trying to adjust and live. With each piece of clothing removed it is as if they are pealing away the morals and ethics of life taught to them as early as when they were born. These boys were no longer apart of civilization; they were now members of their own society that demanded to stay alive. They were now accustomed to their skin as their clothing, not the restriction of an uncomfortable school uniform. He became conscious of the weight of cloths, kicked his shoes off fiercely and ripped off each stocking with its elastic garter in a single movement (10). It was at that single moment each boy had the opportunity to make any decision they wanted to. Each chose to remove their clothing and abandon the society they were once apart of. Golding uses this as symbolism to represent how the boys will try and survive on their own. As boys began to adjust themselves to the island, they saw it fit to elect a leader. It was Ralph who …

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