Almost everyone claims to be in love with someone or something. Is love for food the same as love for an actress, family member or a lover? What causes the difference and when is it different. Is falling in love the same as being in love? How much can we love? Can someone be without love? All this questions bring us to the definition of the word love. The denotative meaning of the word love is an emotional feeling, great liking or fondness. When we talk about love within human beings, it a powerful emotion felt for another person manifesting itself in deep affection, devotion or sexual desire. It usually occurs between people of the opposite sex. Today homosexuality is getting popular and the society is starting to accept the practice. This love between people3 had different stages. The first one is falling in love. One experiences love suddenly and unexpectedly. It is usually characterized by going to movies, having lunch or dinner together, flowers being sent, and a general feeling of happiness and joy. When it matures, he relationship goes a step forward and the couple gets married. They then take a step forward and start a family. This introduces another kind of love. Love within the family is believed to be the strongest of all. It is usually between members of the nuclear family, that is between the parents and children. The parents love for their children is what pushes them to work hard in order to provide all the basic needs and luxuries like education, food, clothes and holidays. Since they don’t want to see their child in trouble in school or in public, they install morals in their children. It is also between they extended family, that is between grandparents, cousins, nieces and Shamim, page 2 nephews, uncles and aunts. This love bonds them together, even if they are far from one another. They put…

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