Lucent and Divesity

In February 5, 1996 AT&T announced that its new systems and technology company has selected Lucent Technologies as its name. Lucent currently employees 153,000 people worldwide and have offices or distributors in more than 90 countries. Lucent now is a global company on the technology’s cutting edge, helping to drive a worldwide communications revolution. Lucents mission is to provide customers with the world’s best and most innovative communications systems, products, technologies and customer support, and to deliver superior, sustained shareowner value. Lucent is a company where people of every age, background, nationality, and culture thrive and contribute. Lucent claims to be a company that believes in the value of mentors and in helping people discover the right career paths. Lucent also claims to be a company that has a work environment with a no-rules style, flexible hours, fitness facilities, special interest clubs, and professional networks. Lucent claims that diversity in all areas of its operations is not only a reflection of its deeply held values and a corporate responsibility, it is also a business imperativean integral part of Lucent’s business environment that create differential advantage and contribute significantly to customer satisfaction and our business success . Lucent’s workforce is comprised of people of every age, background, nationality, and culture. Lucent claims that respecting differences is an integral part of their culture and a key element for our success. Lucent knows that to achieve business excellence, their decisions must be based on the widest range of perspectives and contributions. Perhaps that is why Lucent was named number 8 on Fortune Magazine’s 1999 list of “The 50 Best Companies for Asians, Blacks, and Hispanics.” Lucent’s work force diversity is also expressed in Lucent’s Employee Business Partner Groups which meet the needs of different ethnic and social groups. Luce…

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