Lucille Ball

Lucille Desiree Ball. The first thought that comes into many peoples minds when this name is said would be Lucy the well known funny character she played on her popular TV series I Love Lucy ( 1951-57).How did she become a legend? With dreams of being on stage in musicals to being the star in the big screen. Just like Lucy, Lucille yearned to be a famous performer. Looking back now, anyone could say that her childhood dream came true. Who would have thought that a Jamestown farm girl could become a Hollywood legend. I guess you can say it all started on August 6, 1911 in Jamestown New York – when a star was born. Lucille was the first child of Henry Dunnell Ball and the former Desiree Evelyn Hunt, both were teens when they were married and had Lucille. She had ancestors from all over Europe. With roots from France England, Scotland, and Ireland.(Harris 20) Besides having the ability to make anyone laugh any time and in any situation. Another unforgettable trait Lucille had was her red hair. Unfortunately, she was brought into this world with blond hair, that darkened to a brunette. However she still kept that little girl quality, which became one of her main appeals as a comedian. Lucille despised being called Lucy so her family nicknamed her Lucyball. Although she tried to avoid being called Lucy after a certain television debut in 1951, she was rarely called anything but Lucy. Lucilles father worked for her grandfather, Jasper Ball as a electrical lineman. As a result of his job, the family was constantly on the move. Lucille ended up spending her childhood in places like Anaconda, Montana, and Wyandotte, Michigan. Far from her birthplace in Jamestown.( Harris 20) Even as a child Lucille possessed qualities similar to Lucy. Her mother always had to tie a rope around her waist and hook it to the clothesline in order …

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