I love making things with my hands so an obvious choice for occupation would be some form of engineering. Working with metal also interests me so I herd of precision machining from a person from Mid Florida Tech school that told me what it was and thats about it. Machining involves taking a raw piece of metal and boring, drilling, milling, grinding, and turning until you end up with a desired product. Also, these parts are to exact specifications of the blueprints. Precise measurements are taken to ensure correct manufacturing. I already knew quite a bit about this because this is one of my interests. I would like to know more before I choose to spend my time an money on the education to do this line of work. My first obvious question would be how much they make. Money is important to me so I feel its nessesary to know up front what you will get. Something that goes hand and hand with money is work hours. Time is money so that is equally important. I can work with computers well so I would like o know how technology plays a roll in machining. These are all question I hope to find answers to in my quest for knowledge on this career. This research is being done to answer my questions so I can be as prepared as possible to do this for a living. I feel that if I know all about it there wont be any surprises or disappointments later on. y research begins with a long and drawn out trip to the Winter Park High School library and computer lab. I am very experienced online so this did not pose much of a challenge to me. We started out using a website called Bridges that helped people get information about different careers and job orientated information. I found the bulk of my information here on precision machining. This gave me information but not really any examples of it or pictures of this trade. Nest,…

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