Macro & Micro economics

Macro & Micro economicsEconomic ForecastingProject descriptionMy company is COSTCO and i need to forecasting the data that i give you in word dec1. Writing an abstractAfter you pick your topic, it is a good idea to write-up a brief abstract to help you focus your thoughts. The abstract should not be more than a page. It should include(i) State your forecasting problem(ii) Information about and description of your data(iii) Description of your proposed models2.The paper will contain detailed explanations of your thought processes and methodology. At every stage you need to answer the following questions:(i) What did you do (ex: Winter?s method with these parameter values?)(ii) Why did you do it?(iii) What did you find? (Interpretation of your results)(iv) What is your conclusion?Order for your custom written PAPER now!

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