One of the most famous controversial women in the world is Madonna Louise Ciccone. She is one of the biggest female popstars of the twentieth century. Madonna is an artist that knows how to take everything she does to an extreme. Madonna was born on the 16th of August 1958, in Rochester, Michigan. She was the first girl born to the Ciccone family, which already consisted of five boys. She grew up in a very strict environment. When Madonna reached the age of six, her mother grew ill from cancer and died. From that point on Madonna struggled along with her family, through difficult emotions. Madonna and her sisters were sent to live with relatives, until her father married two years later. He unfortunately married the straitlaced housekeeper. All of these tragedies in her life forced her to grow up a lot faster than most children. Her family began to demand more responsibilities from her. Madonna was left to take care of the children all day. At the age of twelve she was sent to the local catholic high school. There she proved herself to be bright, quick, and intensive. Madonna states, I was really competitive in school with my grades and stuff, because my father used to give us rewards if we got As on our report cards(Norman 20). Along with being ambitious she was also growing up sexually. She began to chase boys around with her shirt off. She started to wear make up, shorten her skirt, and go out on dates. I wanted to do every thing everybody told me I could not do. I couldnt wear makeup. I couldnt wear nylons. I couldnt even go to the movies with my friends(Norman 20), Madonna stated. As she set out to find her identity she began to rebel against everything. At first Madonna worked towards becoming a writer. But she discovered cinema and fell in love with Marilyn Monroe, Judy Holiday, and Carole Lombard. This geared her intuitio…

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