Malcolm X

Malcolm X: A Hero Hero is defined as many things. One is a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability. A hero could also be a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities. A hero is a person that shows great courage and is an object of extreme admiration and devotion. When people think of a hero, they usually think of a strong and big man like Superman and Batman. Their whole life is dedicated to saving lives and helping people. To me someone who helps save lives is a hero, but there is also another type of hero. It can be someone who stands up for their rights and tries to change something that many people think could never be changed. Malcolm X is just like that. Malcolm X is a man of honesty and that is what makes him a hero. There are many other reasons Malcolm X is a hero. One of those reasons I believe Malcolm is a hero is because of his hard work and determination he had while he was is prison. Most people in prison just do bad things and never learn anything while they are doing their time in jail. That was the exact opposite for Malcolm X. Prison was a turning point in his life. Before he was in prison, his life was full of drugs and other bad and wrong things. While Malcolm was serving his 6 years in prison, he went away from his life of wrong and into education and knowledge. He read hundreds and hundreds of books and educated himself into a sophisticated and changed man. To change yourself that way is a very difficult task in the surrounding of a prison. Malcolm X was a very strong willed and smart man. Another reason Malcolm X was a hero is because of the way that he was deeply into his religion. He believed so much in his religion, the Nation of Islam, that he became one of the main leaders of his religion. He was very determined to get people to join the Nation of Islam. He made speeches and influenced others to join. Malcolm X be…

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